:60 Life #3 – “We Call It Molly”

Welcome again.  I’m working on getting my new Word Press site running smoothly, so you’re benefiting from it by getting to episodes of :60 of Life in one day.  This episode is #3 titled “We Call It Molly”.  I hope you like it.

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I would also like you to know about another project I am working on called Let’s Make This Thing.  It’s something new I am calling Filmmaking 2.0.  It’s an online experiment I have started to raise money through social networks like Twitter.

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I hope all is well with everyone.  Talk to you again soon.


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:60 of Life #2 – “My Face at 35″

As promised, another episode of my experimental, documentary web series/video podcast :60 of Life #2, “My Face at 35″. I hope you enjoy it.

If you haven’t subscribed to The Filmmaking Podcast yet, I encourage you to do so. We’re gearing up for a bunch of new shows, with indie filmmakers you may not know YET, but you will want to know them very soon.  And if you like the :60 of Life series, you can see all 8 of the completed episodes at my other podcast ScatterPod.

Thanks for watching and listening. I’ll talk to you all very soon.


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:60 of Life #1 – “The Tale of Destibro”

In honor of the relaunch of The Filmmaking Podcast (formerly The 2B Pictures Filmmaking Podcast), There is going to be new content coming in to this podcast feed.  This is the first of that new content.

Since we’re all aspiring filmmakers, I wanted to show you guys what I’ve started working on.  This is episode #1 of my experimental documentary webseries and video podcast calle “:60 of Life”.  The idea behind this project is to stay comfortable experimenting with different kinds of stories and ways of shooting and editing them.  Sort of a capture life and call it art sort of a thing.

So far there are nin episode of the podcast and I will be doing more and rolling all of them out at my other podcast ScatterPod, where I podcast my fiction and whatever else suits my fancy at the moment.

I hope you enjoy these videos.  I am having a lot of fun making them.  And I hope you are all looking forward to getting back to some serious Filmmaking talk on The Filmmaking Podcast.

Talk to you all soon,


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Coming Soon!

The new 2B Pictures Website and Podcast.  I’m working on this as we speak, so forgive the incomplete site.


ScatterPod :60 of Life #1 – "The Tale of Destibro"

Hello ScatterPod viewers this is Michael Bekemeyer and I am bringing you Episode #1 of my new web series/experimental thing, “:60 of Life”. It’s a documentary web series/video podcast that will take a look at life, in sixty second slices. It’s just a way for me to keep making films, while exploring different visual and editing styles.

I really hope you like this. I have some pretty cool ideas (I think, anyway) for different episodes. Pluse a bunch of the episodes, including this one, will have my kids in them. And kids, especially mine, are always cute. Right?

This episode is called “The Tale of Destibro” and you’ll just have to watch to find out more.

Thanks ScatterPod viewers. I’ll talk to you again soon.

Download :60 of Life #1 here.

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Music by:
Loor Ambient

2B Pictures Extra: 7th Son Obsidian is coming!

Hello 2B Pictures fans, this is Michael Bekemeyer with a special delivery.

Every one knows how I feel about J.C. Hutchins and his Podcast Novel Trilogy 7th Son. A couple of months back J.C. Put out a call for any one and every one to make short films hinting towards what his next fiction project would be.

Being the filmmaker and fan that I am, I had to make one. It’s getting a bunch of buzz and I’m asking that you do what you can to help spread the word about J.c Hutchins and 7th Son.

For more information about 7th Son: Obsidian, visit J.C.’s website. Click here.

To see the first in a series of videos from with in the world of 7th Son: Obsidian, click here.

Stay tuned and don’t panic. Your government is in control.

2B Pictures Extra: ChatterPod #2

This is an interview I did with friend and author J.C. Hutchins about the upcoming conclusion to his trilogy 7th Son.

Sites mentioned in this podcast.

7th Son

SFF Audio

Listen here.

2B Pictures: Video Extra – Behind the Scenes Interview

This is just a small look back at what it was like on the set of Playback.

These were the good old days.

Enjoy this. See you again soon.

Watch the interview here.

2B Pictures: Video Extra – Feather Warrior

This is the short film “Feather Warrior” I mentioned in the most recent video update.

We enjoy it. Working on Part 2 this summer.

Email: podcast@2bpictures.com
Visit: http://playback.2bpictures.com

Feather Warrior here.

2B Pictures Filmmaking Podcast: Video Update

This is the long, long, long awaited update to where the hell we’ve been all this time. Trust us, we have been busy.

Some news, notes and explanations.

Email: podcast@2bpictures.com

Total Running Time: @ 13:00

Download this video podcast here.